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Safety is the highest priority at Logistic One. The safety of all personnel, our customers, and other highway users are paramount. Safety is and always be an integral part of operations and the policies, procedures and programs governing our business.

We believe that safety is the responsibility of every level of management. It is the responsibility of all managers to:

Provide and promote a safe work environment

  • Provide all necessary and required personal protective equipment
  • Provide all necessary safety training for:
    • Lifting
    • Moving
    • Walking
    • Entering and Exiting tractors and trailers
  • Provide all necessary safety training through
    • Monthly safety letters
    • Quarterly safety classes
    • Log book training
    • Vehicle inspection classes

Promote safety and eliminate unsafe acts through:

  • Immediate response, no matter how or when an unsafe act takes placeg
  • Corrective training and customer conduct training
  • A strict policy on disciplinary actions
    • Written warning
    • Suspension
    • Termination (based on the severity of the offense)

Abide by all federal and local laws and regulations

  • Enforce all rules and regulations set forth by the FMSCA as required by the U.S. DOT
  • All laws governing interstate commerce and transportation of goods

Insist upon an unparallel commitment to safety from everyone in our organization. From our CEO to our night janitor, our company has a zero tolerance policy in place for the use of drugs and alcohol.

To further this policy, every employee is responsible to:

  • Maintain a safe environment for all people
  • Work in a safe manner in accordance with corporation accident prevention policies, procedures, and programs
  • Comply with safety, health, and environmental laws and regulations

Managing and working with the commitment to safety will contribute to the improved efficiency of our operations; ensure the future success and prosperity of our employees, customers, company and the community. We, the undersigned management if Logistic One Limited, do hereby fully commit ourselves to safety through this policy:


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